Not Intending to Frighten or Scare Anyone More
Be a "frienemy," not an enemy or friend, to all pathogens, including viruses, bacteria, yeast, and fungi in the world

About 100 years ago, after World War 1, an influenza flu epidemic that was mistakenly called the Spanish Flu killed an estimated 20 to 50 million victims worldwide. 

My comment is that it was not the Flu that killed. It was the arrogance of disease experts who didn't know how to do their job that shortening the Flu victim's lives.

Millions of people are a lot of people! There was a massive gap in their "scientific" estimates of how many died.

It isn't just a few hundred, and still counting thousands, in China. Even without the Coronavirus, with the population of China, that will be the regular occurrence of humans passing away in such a time frame.  

There's another virus, a common everyday virus that has infected at least 26 million Americans across the USA and killed at least 14,000 people annually. There is no alarm bell sounding with travel bans and quarantines.

They claim the virus is always changing every season as the reason why the smart scientific community doesn't have a vaccine to "fight" and "battle" the virus. Viruses do not have to wait for next year to change. They can be changing every second, similar to the thinking and emotions of experts who change and end up with the same rules they started with.

Such as being careful of your coughing, sneezing, blowing your nose, and quarantine. Of course, drugs will be selected to give people the illusion of comfort that someone cares about their discomfort. Medical experts already know there is no viral vaccine, but still act as they exist.

To publicly ask the support of China's President Xi to increase "on the ground access" for the world's best infectious disease experts is no different than what was done 100 years ago, which is worse than nothing. What are these modern experts going to do, which can easily be done for free on Skype? Are they going to attend banquets and conferences honoring themselves as the chosen ones to be among the world-leading experts to go to China?

One thing is for certain: nothing is going to be resolved. Not meant as an insult, "experts" are not experts when they can't solve anything or a problem that is presented to them.
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to all the pathogens, including all viruses, bacteria, yeast, and fungi in the world.  

By Dr. Kam Yuen, DC, Grandmaster of Shaolin KungFu and Rocket Scientist.

Be a "frienemy," not enemies or friends to all the pathogens, including viruses, bacteria, yeast, and fungi in the world.
It includes the up-and-coming starring attraction CoronaVirus with its new stage named COVID-19. As if giving a new name is going to resolve anything!  A virus, by any other name, is still a virus. They are not harmful unless we generate reactions from them! When "reactions" combine with uncontrollable human emotions, we have a problem, but that still can be resolved by the Yuen Method in a matter of seconds. It will not be a century or longer solving it.  

Unresolved problems humans treated as enemies became enemies to humans. Raging battles, fighting them, and encouraging others to do the same are the most unproductive choices we have made. Not only unproductive, dangerous, and even fatal to some of the human participants to this unwinnable war.
Dr. Kam Yuen, DC
Grandmaster of Shaolin KungFu and Rocket Scientist
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